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Hey Love! 

The experience starts here! We are so excited you have chosen to visit our site and we hope you already feel you need to look no further for your beauty needs! Whether you are coming in for haircut or complete makeover, we want to make it as easy and assuring as possible.

Start here by choosing a BLOCK appointment below to make your online booking stress free! Each block allows an extended amount of time for each service(s) you are wanting to achieve. Once you decide which block is best for you just click the BOOK AN APPOINTMENT button to continue your process and you'll then just choose the same block on our online booking website!

By booking this way, it allows us to make sure a full consultation can take place and your experience with us isn't rushed.

Once you arrive at our salon location, you'll be greeted by the cutest town of Augusta, KY! Side parking is available along with a parking lot in walking distance and rear parking behind the salon. Check our policy link if you are running late to assure we give you the best possible options with your appointment.

We are family friendly and welcome everyone!

Inside you'll find top of the line salon amenities and culture. We truly hope your visit with us is all you expected and more! We look forward to meeting you! 


Block 1

45 Minutes - 1 Hour

This block is designed for any haircut, treatment or spray-tan. While it may not take the full time, this block will give us plenty of time to consult without feeling rushed!

Block 2

2 Hours - 3 Hours

This block is designed for any chemical service including any time of color, highlighting, or perming. This block also allows enough time for an additional haircut or treatment if needed. While it may not take the full time, this block will give us plenty of time to consult without feeling rushed!

Not Sure?

Still not sure which to choose? No worries! Either choose what you feel if the most appropriate out of the two or give us a call and we can help assist you!

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