With my strong faith in God & my husband, son & family as my reason for pushing forth, my love for this industry grows rapidly. I am passionate about change and I think  we should embrace it full force. Change is all the more reason I keep falling in love with my career. I am constantly striving to better myself by attending hair shows, taking online business courses & hands-on classes several times a year.

You'll find at your appointment with me that I sincerely care about the well being of your hair and I'm not just trying to "make a buck." My clients are second to family and you won't find any negativity in my salon as I am only here for good uplifting vibes. You'll see first hand that I'll try to make each visit with you as genuine and down to earth as possible.

If you're ready to say yes to an amazing experience with me, book now & let's embrace beautiful change.


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I'm Haley & I'm pumped to be a part of this awesome salon team!

I've been a stylist for over three years now but I've always knew cosmetology was my dream. The beauty industry has became more than just my career, it's my lifestyle! I am passionate about hair cutting, specialty coloring and makeup along with several other services of course! I am eager to continue to grow my skills so I am constantly up leveling with classes and certifications! I look forward to giving you an amazing experience.

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